The Best Sunscreen’s For Active Men

By on June 23, 2017

Why use sunscreen?

According to Dermatologist Dr. Martha Laurin Council, a Washington University at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, states ultraviolet radiation is known to stimulate the development of the two most common forms of skin cancer.

UVA and UVB are the most dangerous of the ultraviolet rays the sun emits. MAX assembled a list of the 5 best men’s sunscreens for the money.

1. Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard Sunscreen Water Resistant SPF 45

Jack Black Oil-Free Sunscreen is a vitamin-enriched, oil-free, sun protectant that absorbs quickly and offers premium broad spectrum protection against the suns powerful UVA and UVB radiation.

Rated SPF 45, (sun protection factor) Jack Black’s UVA and UVB absorbers include premium ingredients; octisalte, octinoxate, and zinc oxide along with organic properties like left abstracts plantago panceolata and calendula flowers.

Trips to the beach are no problem, Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard is water and sweat-resistant lotion that won’t drip into the eyes.

2. MDSolarSciences Quick Dry Body Spray With SolSci-X™ Broad Spectrum SPF 40 UVA-UVB Sunscreen

This Quick Dray Body Spray SPF 40 is a fast drying, non-greasy sunscreen formulated in a body spray for consumer convenience. This water-resistant oil-free sunscreen is perfect for the active men.

Like all the sunscreens on our list it protects against both UVA and UVB radiation rays and is still gentle enough for children.

Active ingredients include; 3% Avobenzone, 5% Octisalate, and 2.75% Octocrylene.

For the PETA in everybody MD Solar Sciences is ‘cruelty free’, meaning it is not animal tested.

MD Solar Sciences offers their Broad Spectrum Body Spray for only $19 per 5oz bottle. That’s comes to just $3.80 per ounce.