DHL Orders 10 Tesla Trucks and Assisted Tesla Engineers

By on November 29, 2017

Alexandria Sage for REUTERS

DHL Express, the worlds largest logistics company based in Bonn, Germany, as announced it’s intent to purchase 10 Tesla Electric Semi Trucks for use within the United States.

DHL (DPWGn.DE) also provides warehousing and product transport for several U.S. manufacturers and retailers. The company intends to use the Tesla Electric Semi Trucks for shuttle runs and its Business to Business same-day delivery service.

The advanced interior of Tesla's electric semi truck to be released in 2019

As it turns out management at DHL Express are not just taking the word of Tesla executives regarding the claims made by Elon Musk; DHL managers and engineers have test driven prototypes and have assisted in pre-release improvements, according to Engadget.

Tesla offers 2 versions of its Electric Semi. The 300-mile-range version will cost an estimated $150,000 each while the 500-mile vehicle will cost $180,000. DHL has not specified which versions of the electric semi they’ve ordered but experts say its like a mix of both versions.

(sources: Reuters | Engadget