Disconnect App Gives Users True Mobile Privacy

By on May 22, 2017


In an era of North Korean cyber-attacks and Russian malware mobile privacy and safety have become one of the allied worlds top priorities. Many of us complain when something goes wrong but the reality is most of us we’re laissez–faire when it comes to safety and security.

To truly protect your handheld device from pervaded public networks, trackers and super-cookies that track your every online move Disconnect was invented. The app


Now available in 3 versions, basic, pro, and premium, Disconnect allows you to see all the trackers on your phone or tablet by accessing sites-visited on your mobile device and effectively eliminating any potential threats.

To thoroughly actually eliminate these trackers or super-cookies, you’ll need the Pro version at $24.99 or the Premium at $50 per year (for up to 3 devices). Furthermore, with a subscription comes a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which is a combination of public and private networks that expose blocked content by moving your geographic location to various foreign countries.

The app is available though the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.