Drizly and Drinkfly Deliver Alcohol In An Hour

By on June 30, 2016

The modern man just found a way to extend the party and the Max WrapUp family was way to happy to give an applause. It’s happened to all of us. After a long work week of dealing with minutia at the office at the job site (or even more stressful, working with children) your release is finally here.



The setting – Friday night, being a modern urban man you Uber to the party with your favorite bottle of premium vodka or 12-pack of IPA. Within a short time your really feeling good about yourself and strike up a conversation with one of the most elegant girls at the party. Your evening could not be going any better when, you offer you lovely counterpart one of you’re overpriced IPA’s when the unthinkable has happened. The premium brew which you’ve placed in the glass and stainless steel mini-fridge is now gone.

With the affection of the opposite (or same) sex on the line, you may feel panic and or let anxiety overcome. No need to panic, just whip out your cell phone and fire up one of the 2 new apps that can save your weekend. You now have the luxury of DrinkFly and Drizly; 2 services that offer alcohol delivery in 60 minutes or less.


1. Purchases can be made via the app (iOS and Android) or website.
2. Offers 1 hour delivery.
3. Available in select cities in 4 states.


1. Purchase on website.
2. Delivery between 30 minutes to 1 hour.
3. Food and Alcohol

Drinkfly and Drizly