Fox News Host Jesse Watters Adds Himself To Networks Adulterer List

By on April 2, 2018

Fox News could experiment with a new slogan…‘fair and balanced for all white males’.
Popular host Jesse Watters admitted to Fox News Human Resources Chief he was sleeping with his associate producer, 25 year old Emma DiGiovine, and it appears he got away completely unscathed despite the cable networks recent history of sexual misconduct and millions spent in legal litigation and settlements over the past 5 plus years.

Watters is a co-host of Fox News network’s “The Five”, a popular roundtable discussion series that airs on weekday afternoons. Watters was married at the time the affair started with his young mistress Emma DiGiovine and allegedly only went to Fox management after his wife wife and mother of twin girls Noelle Inguagiato Watters filed for divorce in October 2017.

(sources: NY Daily News and The Daily Beast)