Nvidia Shield TV Just Got Cheaper

By on September 21, 2017

Nvidia Shield TV


Tier 1 includes a remote, while upgrades add in a controller.

NVIDIA’s Shield TV set fourth to be an Android powered set-top box for all levels of gamers. and it did not disappoint. First released in 2015, it was years ahead of any competition but didn’t gain the traction Nvidia engineers hoped for.

The new introductory level comes comes in at just $180 with the remote and 16GB of memory but does not include the gaming controller.

NVIDIA will keep the $200 bundle but will interpolate the $60 Shield controller as well as the Shield remote.

Nvidia Sheild TV offers the fastest and smoothest 4K HDR video of any device on the market; including cloud and PC gaming.


The new remote-only $180 Shield is available for preorders on the Nvidia website. The Santa Clara based tech company plans to start shipping on October 18th, and will expand to select partners (including Best Buy, New Egg, Amazon, and Fry’s) before Thanksgiving 2017.

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