Silk Labs Presents SENSE…Better Than Amazon’s Echo?

By on February 18, 2016

Silk Labs ‘SENSE’ presents Sense personalized home intelligence

…Homeowners have dreamed of living in smart, intelligent connected houses for more than half a century, but most of us are still dreaming about that.

All major technology players are working on IPA’s (intelligent personal assistant) and now Silk Labs ‘SENSE’ has introduced SENSE which could possibly fulfill the dream of living in a truly smart-home. Silk Labs co-founded by former Mozilla CTO Andreas Gal. Sense is a beautifully designed, powerful Personalized Intelligence Assistant for your Connected Home.

According to Silk Labs, “Sense is the first product running Silk, a powerful new platform for connected devices that utilizes local processing and deep learning to bring a new age of responsiveness to the connected devices all around us”.



Silk Labs, who are they?
Silk Labs Founded by Andreas Gal, Chris Jones (both ex- Mozilla) and Michael Vines (ex-Qualcomm), Silk Labs mission is to create gracious experiences with connected devices by enabling them to understand, respond to, and adapt to our daily needs.

Silk is the first platform for IOT (Internet of Things) that goes beyond being a smart and connected remote sensor system and aims to be secure, powerful, and intelligent via LAP( local application processing). Sense is the 1st product of Silk Labs and will be available in late 2016.

Snapshot of Silk Labs Sense
* Sense can detect your presence
* Recognize your voice and gestures and interact through them.
* Learn your preferences
* Choreograph your connected devices to respond to you appropriately
* Silk claims sense is secure and doesn’t share information to the Cloud like competitor devices.
* Your personal and private moments are not shared to anyone as it stores all data locally.
* SENSE controls all in-home appliances including lights, TV, AC, and your sound system.
* If you know JavaScript then you can easily write software applications for Sense.
* Keeps an eye on your Pets.
* Supports 3rd party applications.