The Swiss Are Flushing Literally Millions in Gold and Silver Down the Sewer

By on November 6, 2017

In what can only be characterized as “money falling out of your ass”, Switzerland’s waste system is littered with flakes silver and gold.

In 2016 researchers detected as much as 3 tonnes of silver (6613.8 lb) and 43 kg of gold (94.6 lb) in Swiss waste sludge mucked from waste water treatment plants; amounting to an estimate of 3 million Swiss francs (£2.3 million | €2.57 million | $3.002 million USD).

But before people start hunting in their drains for jewelry, the government sponsored study shows the small fragments likely come from the watchmaking, chemical industries, and pharmaceuticals which use the precious metals in production of there products.

Researchers also note, they didn’t find any platinum wedding bands or gold watches, unfortunately researchers state the levels of precious levels are very small, in the micrograms (.1×10−6) but when compiled become a substantial amout of money.


photo by: Eawag-Elke_Suess

Researchers are now cost analysis to determine the net return of removing precious metals from sewage sludge before extirpating the sludge which is typically done by incineration.

The highest concentrations of gold were found in the northwest region of Jura, where luxury watchmakers such as Breitling, Corum, and Girard-Perregaux often use precious metals to decorate their timepieces.

Another highly concentrated Swiss region includes southern canton of Ticino. Researchers believe the gold refineries in the area are responsible for the density in the precious metal.

According to the CIA Factbook Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.
The discovery of these precious metals further infuses the reputation of Switzerlands staggering wealth.

(sources: The Washington Post, Reuters by John Revill)