The Best Guy Movies From 1983

By on December 24, 2017
1983 could be known as the year of guy movies. It’s literally impossible to pick a top movie but in the sake of good (decent) publishing we’ll give it a go.

1. Scarface (1983)

Scarface isn’t just a favorite of hip hop moguls and street level hoodlums; it’s a Oliver Stone masterpiece about a Cuban immigrant that became a Miami narcotics kingpin. The film is loosely based on the 1932 film with the same title but was based on the Chicago mob boss Al Capone.

Stars: Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, Michelle Pfeiffer
Box Office Gross: $65.4 Million
Production Cost: $25 Million

2. Risky Business (1983)

A movie this writer has seen several dozen times starting in my teenage years Risky Business has man-movie-everything including the exotic Porsche 928, teenagers giving each other terrible relationship/sex advice, and gorgeous call girls from Chicago.

It’s all good in an upscale Chicago suburb until your fathers Porsche ends up in Lake Michigan.

Stars: Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay, Joe Pantoliano
Box Office Gross: $63.5 Million
Production Cost: $6.2 Million

3. The Outsiders (1983)

The Outsiders featuring C. Thomas Howell as Ponyboy and Ralph Macchio as Johnny.

Based on the 1967 novel by S. E. Hinton, (yes it’s based on a book but trust us, it’s a great movie) The Outsiders hits hard putting the lower working class “Greasers” face off against the “Socs”, a gang of rich kids from the wealthy side of town.

Stars: C. Thomas Howell, Ralph, Macchio, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon
Box Office Gross: $34 Million
Production Cost: $10 Million