Tinder Users Beware the Swipe-Buster Website Is Here And Exposes Everyone

By on April 6, 2016


Is she cheating on you using the Tinder App? A new website called Swipe Buster has many Tinder users on high alert after the website confirmed it’s conceivable to pay $5 (£3.50) to see whether someone is dynamic on Tinder. For the $5 fee, Swipe Buster permits the modern man to investigate whether their partner (or anyone else for that matter) has been using the Tinder app in a regional area.

Swipe Buster uses data that Tinder makes publicly accessible through an API to see whether people are on the Tinder dating stage, which many individuals utilize simply to encourage sexual experiences.

Obviously, Swipe Buster isn’t the only approach to discover who is utilizing Tinder. The application itself is free and simple to download. You create an account, set your parameters, and swipe until you find or don’t find your loved one. The obvious downside to this approach is the time you’d have to commit not to mention you’re now on Tinder.



Askmen brings up several valid points including a Vanity Fair test in which “Vanity Fair ponied up to test the service, and found that it works more or less as stated. Because it only asks for a first name, it can be a bit tedious in a large city, but if the profile exists you’ll eventually find the user. What I want to know is, how accurate is this database? As in, if you had a Tinder profile a while ago but are no longer active, will you still show up? Back when I had a Match.com profile, I’d get notifications weeks (maybe even months) after I shut it down, because I still appeared in the search results. How many people will get “busted” for simply failing to completely deactivate their accounts?”

As per the creators of Swipe Buster, the application is less about getting out cheaters and more about sparkling a light on that it is so natural to see what peoples are up to online.

“People have an excessive amount of information about themselves accessible publicly,” said the application’s designers in an email. “People ought to know about the protection settings on every one of the administrations they utilize.”
As indicated by Swipe Buster data, both men and women are utilizing the administration, and most users so far have been in the U.S.
With respect to that $5? It’s a little cost however, Tinder says this is all “searchable,”public” information that users have on their profiles.

In this way, utilizing Swipe Buster to help your boo is progressively a matter of convenience—in case you’re educated, you could simply discover the intel yourself through Tinder’s API.
However, then you wouldn’t have the capacity to tell any potential cheaters that they’ve been “swipe busted!”