Trump’s Billionaire Team

By on January 22, 2018

1. Woody Johnson – Ambassador to the U.K. $4.2 Billion

Getty Images for Fortune

Robert Woody Johnson IV is an American businessman and the great grandson of Robert Wood Johnson I whom was the cofounder of multinational pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson.

Robert Woody Johnson IV, also known as Woody Johnson, is a life long Republican that has donated over $1 million to conservative politicians and has raised millions more orchestrating fundraisers.

Johnson is the franchise owner of the NFL’s New York Jets and is Chairman & CEO of investment firm Johnson Company Inc and was embattled with the IRS for years over purchased capital gains losses.

Current Position: Ambassador to the United Kingdom
Previous Career:
Net Worth: 4.2 Billion
Residence: NY, New York
Education: Yale University, Harvard University
Date of Birth: February 28, 1937

(sources: Fortune | Bloomberg)

2. Wilbur Ross – Commerce Secretary $2.5 Billion

trump and wilbur ross

Buyer of financially distressed companies, Wilbur Ross is a self-made billionaire who started his professional career at U.K. financial firm Rothschild Investments.

In 1997 Ross raised $200 million and launched a private equity fund under the Rothschild umbrella. He would go on to gain control of the fund (named WL Ross & Co.) and would raise an additional $250 million from investors.

WL Ross & Co went on to purchase several financially distressed companies including textile manufacturers, steel companies and cool mines.

His biggest investment would be International Steel Group, a merger of Acme Steel, Ling-Temco-Vought, and assets from Bethlehem Steel Corporation. He sold the group to Indian Billionaire Lakshmi Mittal of the Mittal steel company for $4.5 billion.

Current Position: Secretary of Commerce
Previous Career: Investor
Net Worth: 2.5 Billion
Residence: Palm Beach, FL
Education: Yale University, Harvard University
Date of Birth: February 28, 1937