What Is A VPN

By on August 8, 2017

We all love the internet even when we hate it. It’s an unlimited resource that we constantly complain about and use for everything business and social. Our internet complaints reach much deeper than the mindless rubbish that we use to pass time the last 30 minutes of our work day.

Your personally vulnerable when you’re online and you should know that; crackers, hackers, governments, advertisers (malicious and non-malicious), and spyware have their eyes on our every move.


To make the internet safer and make it more difficult for the watchers to track us VPN’s were invented. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, a connection to the web that allows users to surf the web with anonymity. A VPN can be used to surf the web, download, and upload via desktop, laptop, smartphone and/or tablet.

VPN’s are offered through web service companies that provide private browsing for a small monthly or annual fee.

A VPN makes your internet connection secure and keeps users anonymous.

VPN’s work by assigning each user a temporary IP address and conceals the users true IP address from every website or email the user visits. They also use various forms of encryption depending on the level of security the user is willing to pay for.