Binging – Why I Binge On The Walking Dead

By on October 31, 2017

Binging, it’s a word I never used until Netflix introduced an amazing lineup of original programming then had the sheer audacity to release an entire season all at once.

For me it started in 2013 when a co-worker recommended the now Emmy Winning “Orange Is The New Black”. After nearly 13 hours of digital consumption vesseled into 1 weekend my television series addiction blossomed from non-existent to an obsession.

We undoubtedly live in the best era in television with history where even basic cable networks like TNT, FX, and even Food Network offer entertaining original programming and for the past 7 years no program has rocked your $39 monthly cable subscription* harder than AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is a blend of an insane-subject, zombies; lovable and at the same time hatable characters and drama that can only be described as intrigue+.


A series like this can’t be viewed on a weekly basis and the producers of the show know it. They cut the show’s seasons in half and air them 3 to 4 months apart. My heart and DVR can only hold so much so I record all 6 episodes of a season, evading anyone that mentions the series like a dodge ball champion, and watch the series on my schedule.

My schedule usually boils down to a Saturday or Sunday afternoon between watching and playing sports. It must be done in free time because watching 1 episode is like eating a Lays Potato Chip, I cant have just 1.

*In full disclosure we do not endorse and receive revenue from any my digital television provider or network. Charter Spectrum is the Max WrapUp cable and internet provider based solely on convenience.